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The Big Knee Surgery!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009 15:33 by Kitty Blog!

Okay, I have been putting this off since I fell in January, but there is no way around it now.  I thought with time it would get better, but of course, it did not.  David, the force behind many of my doctor's appts, made an appointment for me at the Nebraska Othro group and I met with Dr. Ripa.  I guess he summed me up as a chicken right away, because he scheduled my surgery for that following Tuesday, June 2!  This was on Friday and he wanted to do it right away but alas, Medical Insurance approval does not move that fast! Anyway, I took pictures to document the day, at least while I was awake!

It all went well until I got to the front door and then suddenly it was a miracle, I was healed!!!  Hallaluiah! 
Unfortunately David wasn't going for it, so in the office I went.  You feel stupid taking your clothes off and getting into bed in the middle of day, or at least I did.  They hooked me up to the IV and made me comfy.  The only problem was, my doctor was running late!  I can't tell you how many times I carried that IV into the ladies room.......   

The doctor finally showed and the following is a documentary of the days events.  Notice as the day goes on the pictures are less in focus!

This is Matthew, the best  Nurse Anesthetist ever!  He made this whole thing bearable!

My poor swollen knee! Hard to believe I lasted all these months on it!  Ouch!

Ta Da!  Dr. Ripa appeared and started to autograph my knee!  Didn't know I was so famous!

After my surgery this very nice nurse came into check on me.  Unfortunately, I don't remember her name!!

And the man that stands or sits, by my side through thick and thin!

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