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Quilting is Murder!

Sunday, 23 January 2011 13:24 by Kitty Blog!

Do you like a good mystery?  Do you love quilting?  Have you been participating in the new Quilting is Murder event?  Each week a little more of the story is sent out and the Killer Quilt Shops feature weekly specials. 

This week is our turn to be featured and we are giving away "Quilting Socks" with every order of $25 or more!  These socks will keep you nice and cozy while you hunt down the killer in our murder mystery......  Personally I think that nasty ole' Cynthia has something to hide.  Keep reading to find out "who done it".

Also, Wally has been at it again!  This week he has a darling Wally's Weekender purrfect for Valentine's Day.  I tell you that little black & white monster has a knack for picking just the right project!  Check out what he has this week and tell me if you don't agree!


The Furless Mom

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